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Why choose Nowse West Hosting?

Make no mistake, Nowse West is a small hosting company managed by one person, Kenneth (Ken) Curtis. Please don't confuse small with lacking any of the features of the larger hosts. Being a web developer for over sixteen years, I know what it takes for a host to be genuinely useful, and I've integrated everything you'll need into all of the plans that Nowse West offers. The servers are based in Houston, Texas and are maintained by staff working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your site will be up and running more than 99% of the time. More


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Nowse West Hosting Our servers feature Linux OS for security.
Linux operating systems are the most versatile and most commonly used for web hosting, especially when they're coupled with Apache server software. It's because of these features that all of Nowse West's servers utilize Linux and Apache.
Nowse West Hosting
Nowse West Hosting Create galleries for you photos, show your videos, add family members, and customize your site to any way you would like. It's the true benefit to owning your own site.   Nowse West Hosting We aren't the cheapest hosting company, but when you sign up with Nowse West, you'll only deal with one person, me (Ken Curtis), and personalized service can be invaluable.
Nowse West Hosting Install dozens of programs in a matter of seconds.
Fantastico is absolutely great for the beginning web site. It features a one-click install of most popular applications. Just imagine installing a shopping cart in a mere 15 seconds, The biggest problem you'll have is choosing which application to install.
Nowse West Hosting The power of cPanel, Control Panel.
The control panel of your hosting account should allow you the freedom to make an unlimited number of changes. You can add email accounts, install scripts, add databases, park domains, add virtual domains, and much more. To do these adjustments can be confusing, in not so much as what you want to do, but how to do it in a typical control panel. cPanel is the most established control panels on the market, and through time it has been proven to be a leader in controlling a hosting account, that's why all hosting accounts at Nowse West come with cPanel pre-installed.
Nowse West Hosting
Nowse West Hosting
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